The Game changer

EV drivers look for simplicity above all else. If they find themselves with an empty battery, they want to charge it as simply as possible.

How it works

Bank cards

Use any contactless bank card or enabled phone or watch to pay for the charge.

One for all

One payment kiosk per location or group of charging stations, no matter if different brands or different providers.

Money Saving

Save in installation costs or retrofitting costs. A solution for all configurations, simple and functional.

Free to PAY

3 to pay is the ultimate solution to make EV charging simple and affordable with very low costs and no complications.

One for all

One kiosk for all charging stations, even from different manufacturers, in a single location.

Easy installation

Stand alone and requires no connection or configuration with charging stations (just power supply).


No matter if NEW or ALREADY EXISTING charging stations, any charging station can be integrated at any time, without the need for ANY DIRECT CONNECTION or specific integrations.

One for location

One kiosk per location, with no limitation on the quantity of charging points and no EVSE manufacturer limitation.

Simple UI

Simplified user interface without any complications, similar to any terminal payment.

All the CPO

No matter which CPO software is used by charging stations, with 3toPAY we are integrated with all CPO that are OCPP certified.


Let's take a look at how EV drivers can pay for charging, easily and WITHOUT any subscription, registration or APP!

Entirely manufactured in EU

Designed, developed and assembled in Europe


Housing is made from bio polymer (More than 50% derived from sugarcane) and is completely recyclable.

User Interface

Thanks to the large touch display, customers can easily select the charging point, see charging prices, and use only the free stations.


The customer can request that the invoice be sent by entering an e-mail address and VAT number (if required).


The kiosk is manufactured from material that is highly resistant to vandalism and all the most extreme weather conditions.


The large display can be used to display advertisements or to invite EV drivers to shop or rest at nearby businesses.


The 3toPAY kiosk is compatible with all popular charging stations, all major Charging Point Managment Software, and all Charging Point Operators.

Designed for CPOs

The 3 to PAY Kiosk and its intuitive and simple operation open up your charging stations to an entirely new audience, as it enables payment with all common modalities, including contactless. This is perfect, for example, for walk-in customers who want to charge their vehicle ad hoc with a card without registering. The 3 to PAY Kiosk can be installed in locations with existing chargers and thanks to its plug-and-play functionality, once the 3 to PAY Kiosk is installed, new charging stations can also be easily added.

Simplified payment

The European Commission is mandating card payment terminals at certain EV charging stations. However, this EU-wide legislation, referred to as Alternative fuels infrastructure regulation (AFIR), will likely come to force in the first half of 2024. The 3 to PAY Kiosk works just like a payment terminal at a classic petrol station. You select the correct charging point at the Kiosk, pay with your chosen credit or debit card, charge your car, and you’re ready to go.

3 to PAY faq

Frequently Asked Questions

Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions please contact us directly.

Does it also work for AC charging stations?

YES. The 3 to PAY solution works with AC and DC charging stations, even mixed. As long as the charging stations are for public use.

Does any special work need to be done for installation?

No special or invasive work is required. The kiosk installs easily and does not require connection to any charging station. Only a power supply cable is needed.

How long does it take to set up the kiosk?

The kiosk is easy to install. It will be shipped to the installation site already with a preconfiguration installed.

Is a subscription required with the bank?

No additional subscription is required, neither for the Charging Point Operator, nor for the e-Mobility Service Provider, nor even for the end customer.

Can we add EVSE in the future?

YES. The kiosk will simply be updated making it possible to pay for the new stations as well.

Does it also work for existing charging stations?

Yes. It works with existing charging stations (AC and DC) and for all future ones.

Can the end customer receive the invoice?

Yes. The end customer can request the issuance of invoice by entering the data (e-mail and VAT Number) on the kiosk display.

Should I install a kiosk for each charging station?

Not necessary. As for what AFIR requires, it is sufficient to have one kiosk for each group of charging points in the same location.

e-mob APP

Finding a convenient charging point is easy with the e-mob APP. With one tap, you can go to your chosen charging point, connect and charge your electric vehicle! When you reach the charging point, scan the QR code and start charging from the app! While charging, the number of kWh charged, charging speed and costs are displayed.



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